Welcome – Why Greeting Cards?

The story of Red Fox Cards is simple – we like to give people greeting cards. The problem is, we found it more difficult to find designs that we liked in shops. So we started to make our own.

Why greeting cards?

For us, a greeting card is more than just a tradition established by a large American firm. A greeting card is a way of telling people you care, that you’re thinking about them, and that you acknowledge whatever it is they’re going through.

Why does Red Fox Cards exist?

We set up shop for a few simple reasons:

  • We always wanted to create greeting cards
  • The recent pandemic made buying cards more difficult
  • We love to design

At a time when the world feels full of fear, we’re challenging ourselves to put some positive vibes out into the universe. This isn’t just about being productive. This is about making something that turns surviving into living.

Why the fox?

Rua the fox greeting cards

We have a passion for foxes. It’s become a thing. People tag our owner in fox posts all over social media so he doesn’t miss the sweetest moments. While the domestication of foxes isn’t really a thing in Ireland, our own beloved mascot Rua makes up for it.

Welcome to Red Fox Cards

Without further delay, welcome to Red Fox Cards. We have set up our store on Etsy to facilitate a shared market environment and to manage payment processing. In the meantime, keep an eye on social media for Rua’s Fox Facts and a look at the first batch of greeting cards when they arrive.

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